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Published: 04th February 2011
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On a recent government report we are finding that people are living longer from the professional medical enhancements over the previous decade. Living for a longer period also means that we need to remain active as long as you can to maintain a natural daily life. Shopping trolleys are just among the mobility aids intended to aid elderly individuals with storage alternatives away from from the home. This removes the strain which shoulder bags commonly bring.

Sholley trolleys happen to be designed to combat circumstances that regular shopping trolleys suffer from which includes weight, stability, grip, storage, and ergonomics.

Why is Sholley so popular?

With more than 200,000 satisfied people, Sholley has exceeded its design expectations and customer service to provide the very best buying experience. All trolleys include a 1 year guarantee along with a pleasant aftercare service so you can rest assure your trolley is in safe and sound hands. Sholley are so certain of their products that they offer a 14 day money back guarantee if you don’t agree that it is the very best trolley to use

Shopping trolleys and Safety

Some patients may also want to keep active and away from mobility scooters and wheelchairs for as long as they can. Providing the required assistance whilst walking offers the individuals much more self-confidence to help keep energetic outside of the home and go to areas within the local community. The aluminium frame enables the trolley to be manoeuvred with ease, taking the strain out of pushing or pulling it. Larger wheels give the person lighter steering and assists the trolley to glide across the pavement with ease.

Which ever shopper you choose, all Sholley trolleys are designed with walking in mind so the rear axle has been removed to help stop users from tripping over. This means the individual can walk much closer to the shopping trolley giving extra assistance.

The shopping trolleys are well known for the ability to fold instantly, removing the hard work of other trolleys that require time and effort to manually assemble the product.

All of the design capabilities and functionality make Sholley trolleys possibly the very best shopping trolley on the market.

Sholley products are developed and built by a UK based company. There are a number of disabled mobility retailers including the Mobility Experts that have offered facts to reveal the success of the revolutionary shopping bag.

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